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Buttercup & Cinnamon The Hamsters

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About Me!

Our sweet hamsters Buttercup and Cinnamon are super soft, lovable and will provide hours of cuddling and playtime fun! These friendly critters come dressed to impress in their stylish hats and messenger bags and are sure to charm anyone with their endearing smiles. Take them on a road trip, bring them to school, or snuggle up with them at home. They're even great listeners, so feel free to tell them all your secrets (they won't squeak a word!).


Experience Better Quality of Sleep 

Snuggling up with plushies can provide a sense of comfort and security, thus helping you feel more at ease and calm at bedtime. You will enjoy a pleasant slumber knowing you have a friend who will never leave your side! Of course, no true friendship is ever one-dimensional! So when you befriend one of our squishy jumbo-sized plushies, you may also use them as body pillows. Body pillows provide support and alignment to the body, such as the spine while asleep, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort and improve overall sleep quality.

Relieve Stress

Simply cuddling with soft plushies and pillows can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. After all, there’s a reason why the natural hormone oxytocin, has been dubbed the "cuddle hormone"! When released, it can encourage feelings of calmness and well-being. When your feeling stressed or anxious, our stuffed cuties love hugs and will be there for you, waiting for your embrace!

Perfect for Gifting To a Loved One

Our adorable plushies make the most endearing gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Share and show your love and appreciation for those dear to you, by creating a loving memory that will last for years with a sentimental and thoughtful gift. Your heart will melt once you see the joy and excitement you provided your loved one with our plushies! 

Plushie Care and Washing

  1. Use a gentle cycle: If machine washing, use the gentlest cycle with cold water.
  2. Use mild detergent: Use a gentle detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics.
  3. Place in a mesh bag: To help protect the plushie from damage, place it in a mesh laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine.
  4. Air dry: Avoid putting the plushie in the dryer as it may damage the fabric and compromise its shape. Instead, let it air dry by placing it on a towel and leaving it in a well-ventilated area. You may also use a blow dryer once your plushie is nearly finished air drying.
  5. Brush the fur: Once dry, you can brush the fur with a soft brush to restore its fluffiness.

Remember, that hand-washing is usually the safest option for plushies and stuffed animals, especially those made with delicate materials or intricate designs.



☁️Filled with 100% premium quality PP cotton to ensure the softest hugs and snuggles 

🏖Supports stress relief and tranquility

😴Encourages improvement in sleep quality 

🎁Perfect gift for a loved one, friend or yourself!

💕Always made with love!



Please allow a 1-3 CM difference. Our plushies are made with love and affection and full of it too! As well as, pp cotton which naturally tends to expand and contract. Please take note of the sizing and other variant options and carefully select your choice before completing your purchase.

Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen's resolution, lighting, brightness contrast etc.


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